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Modernize Your Business Communications With a Move to the Cloud

Modernize Your Business Communications With a Move to the Cloud

Elevate Cloud

Is your phone system putting your business on hold? Your traditional phone system may have served you well, but will it help take your business to the next level or hold you back? If you want to keep up with the ever-changing workplace environment, high customer expectations, and technology advancements, it is time to switch to a cloud communications provider that can not only get you there but also reduce your costs.

Cut costs. Improve productivity. Create better experiences.

Moving to the cloud will also prepare you for the latest technology available, including AI, business analytics and whatever comes next. Elevate cloud communications will continue to get better and better as new features are added and new technology is available… you can’t say that with an on-premises phone system.

Lower your costs

One low, per user cost includes collaboration services, phones, phone lines and long distance. And there’s no maintenance, upgrade, or support costs.

More features

The modern workforce requires voice, chat, video conferencing, business SMS, file sharing and storage.

Improved productivity

With mobile and desktop apps included, employees can be in the office, home, remote or anywhere in between.

Better customer experiences

Lets customers communicate with your business in multiple ways, including text, and gives you tools to help ensure customer interactions are quick and positive.

What to consider when comparing business communications systems

Comparing a cloud communications platform with a standard business phone system doesn’t have to be hard. Here are some considerations to help you see the value of moving to the cloud.

Stop missing customer calls.

There could be numerous reasons why you’re missing calls and Contact Center can help.

  • Call queues let customers wait for the next available employee versus getting a busy signal or voicemail.
  • Queued callback lets callers enter a phone number and be called back instead of waiting on hold.
  • Use interactive voice response (IVR) to let customers get information (e.g., account balance, shipping status, lab results, etc.) without needing an employee.
  • Webchat, SMS Texting, and Email queues reduce call volumes, increase convenience for customers, and improve employee efficiency when interacting.
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Contact Center

Save Time and Money.

With tightening budgets and a lack of personnel it can be hard to find the resources to deliver good customer experiences. Contact Center helps customers get answers to common questions using self-service tools like interactive voice response  – which means more calls deflected which frees your team to deliver a five-star experience.

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