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Tips and Tricks of the Week #19

Surveillance cameras and technology have improved drastically over the past decade. In this Tips and Tricks of the Week episode, we cover the benefits of VICON surveillance cameras. By using advanced camera technology and improved software, companies can gain tremendous business insights and keep their spaces secure.


When your company prioritizes security by installing surveillance cameras and implementing policies, you demonstrate your commitment to your business’ overall success. Cameras deter theft, help track who is going in and out of your space as well as how long they are inside and generally protect your employees, inventory and property. You’ll also subtly increase your team’s productivity, because a safe workplace inspires trust; when employees don’t have to pay attention to the security of their surroundings, they can devote their full attention to their work. We partner with VICON to provide top of the line surveillance camera solutions.


With VICON’s Advanced Edge Analytics, you will be able to detect movement proactively and receive real-time alerts when an event occurs. AI technology allows companies to understand the following events as they are happening using rules-based software:

  • Crowd Detection: when a specified number of people are gathered in a designated area
  • Loitering: when someone loiters in a specified area for a specific amount of time
  • Suspicious Object Left: when an object is left behind, ideal for public places to detect suspicious objects
  • Object Removed: when an object is removed, ideal for loss prevention and securing items
  • Intelligent Motion Detection: reduce false alarms from repeated movement like waves, lighting changes or tree movements
  • Wrong Direction: ideal for crowd management and traffic surveillance
  • Line Cross: when someone or something passes a defined line


VICON’s Valerus Business Intelligence allows companies to easily see important statistical data regarding traffic volumes, trends and motion patterns. This is helpful for monitoring people and vehicles, tracking customer behavior, measuring traffic flows and visualizing heat maps. This data provides helpful insights for optimizing operational aspects from security to marketing.


VICON offers several thermal camera solutions for workplaces returning after the COVID-19 pandemic. It is critical to safeguard your employees, customers and business using thermal body temperature measurement cameras which identify at-risk individuals before they interact with students, patients, customers and employees. VICON’s thermal cameras are accuracy within ±0.54°F and have a response time of 30 milliseconds. They include facial mask detection and alarming, as well as alerts that inform operators to high body temperatures and the faces of the individual(s) in question.


The VICON V1000 Multi-Sensor Camera allows companies to get a high-resolution panoramic 180° view with four camera modules. This fixed dome camera offers a view that is perfect for large areas and is designed for indoor and outdoor use. Video can be monitored as a single horizontal image as well as in separate quadrants. The cameras all zoom and rotate independently and can reach up to 20 MP resolution. By combining four cameras into one, VICON provides a cost-effective tool for large-scale systems.

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