Heat wave

Keeping Your Office Cool and Running During the Summer

By: Yael Kirschner Temperatures are rising across Long Island, which can cause more issues than just physical discomfort. Energy represents a large percentage of expenses for the typical office building, and it is likely that more energy will be consumed during heatwaves.   The sun is not the only source for high temperatures. Equipment such as monitors, …

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Your Office Technology Checklist

At this time of year, companies begin to account for their upcoming technology needs. Right now, decision makers are assessing how to equip facilities, how to handle hybrid work environments and what kinds of new hardware and software are necessary to keep their business up and running. Keeping in mind that the modern office is …

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Plastic Waste

Earth Day 2022 – Imagine a World Without Plastic Waste

WHAT CAN YOU DO TO SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT? In 2014, scientists in Hawaii discovered a rock formation consisting of beach sediment, basaltic lava fragments, organic debris and melted plastic. Such a finding is illustrative of the world in which we now live; one where plastic melds with organic material to leave an indelible, non-biodegradable record of our …

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Are You Thirsty?

WHY WATERLOGIC There are many choices for in-office water solutions. You can install bottled water dispensers, provide individual bottles, or ask your team to drink from the tap. Each of these solutions comes with a specific cost and quality which may not be the most sustainable for your company or the environment. We’ve partnered with …

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World Water Day 2021

World Water Day 2021

WHAT WATER MEANS TO YOU Whether you’re using water to refresh, hydrate, clean, or any of the countless ways in which it enhances or lives every day, water is undeniably important to all. However, have you ever spent more than a moment really think about what water means to you? Depending on your circumstances and …

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