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Tips and Tricks of the Week #15

In this episode of Tips and Tricks of the Week, we provide an overview on desktop refreshes. It is important for companies to consider upgrading and replacing their computers often so that they can minimize costs and maximize productivity.


A desktop refresh is simply the replacement and upgrade of your company’s computers. Companies opt to refresh their computer fleets often to minimize service costs and improve productivity and security. It is important to maintain an up-to-date fleet so that you can avoid the problems of worn-down workstations.


You may notice some of the following issues if you allow your computers to age out:

  • Decreased productivity: it takes longer to complete basic tasks.
  • Increased support costs: buying replacement components and fixing software adds up.
  • Lost time: not only do you wait for your workstation to load but you’re also waiting for repairs.
  • Frustrated users: if your computers aren’t working, your employees may share their frustration with colleagues and clients.


  • Plan out your refreshes. By creating a cycle, you can plan ahead and purchase 20% of your fleet yearly. It will allow you to budget your capital expenses over 5 years and eliminate the need for a full workstation refresh every 5 years. We recommend that each computer be replaced every three to five years based on the primary purpose of the machine.
  • Buy business-grade PCs. You may want to go to your local technology store to purchase a computer, however you’ll be losing out on quality and performance. The machines you can purchase in stores are typically consumer-grade and are built to be inexpensive and flashy. By purchasing your computers through a managed service provider, you’ll be able to make sure your computers are built to be sturdy and operate at peak performance.
  • Enable mobility. When you understand how your employees use mobile devices, you can better understand the right tools for the job. When you integrate mobile devices into your enterprise environment, you can drive productivity and keep your users happy.
  • Use advanced technologies. With a forward thinking approach to desktop refreshes, you can preempt any issues you may have experienced with lower quality, outdated technology. In 2021, we recommend that your devices are built with an Intel i7 equivalent processor (CPU), 8GB of memory (RAM) and a solid state drive (SSD).

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