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In-House or Managed IT? You Decide.  

By: Yael Kirschner

IT Team

If your company has been using the same IT structure for years, it will be difficult to ascertain how beneficial switching to Managed IT could be. However, here we will go through a few of the main reasons as to why Managed IT is superior to other IT structures and how it will ultimately change your company for the better.  

Cost Effective

While paying a team outside your company may seem like an unnecessary expense, it may help you save money. The salary of just one full-time IT employee could end up being more expensive than paying for an entire team of IT experts through a managed IT provider. This way, you get more service for less money.  


If you are currently deciding whether to build an internal IT team versus outsourcing, consider how complicated and confusing it will be to build a team, acquire all the correct equipment and more. On top of that, it could be a long time before this internal team is ready to deal with the volume of technical issues and their complicated nature. By using a managed IT service, a company is required to sign a contract with the best provider – that is it! 


Having an internal IT structure leads a company to have less productivity when it comes to solving IT issues. By using managed IT, you lower the risk of overwhelming your IT team. Additionally, a managed IT provider will work hard and employ every tactic to make sure your company’s data is safe and always protected. 

In Conclusion

If your company establishes that managed IT is a better option, you must now pick which provider suits your goals. At DRP Solutions, we offer a complete IT solution to help with all your technological needs. Some of our features include: 24 x 7 x 365 data center monitoring, disaster recovery and business continuity plan, high performance access to data and applications from any connected device, and that is not all.

To learn more about how DRP Solutions could transform your company by providing excellent Managed IT Services, contact us today.