Keeping Your Office Cool and Running During the Summer

By: Yael Kirschner

Heat wave

Temperatures are rising across Long Island, which can cause more issues than just physical discomfort. Energy represents a large percentage of expenses for the typical office building, and it is likely that more energy will be consumed during heatwaves.  

The sun is not the only source for high temperatures. Equipment such as monitors, servers, printers and copiers give off heat. This excess heat makes air conditioning units work harder to keep the office cool – and causes expenses to skyrocket! 

What should you do?  

Conserve energy and install environmentally friendly products.

Here’s why: 

Energy-saving products can help you reduce your electricity consumption and limit your expenses. Not only will you protect your equipment, but you’ll also help the environment – it’s a win-win situation! 

Here are some ways to keep your office running smoothly this summer: 

  1. Implementing the right water system: Keeping your employees hydrated is beneficial for their health and for your business. By deploying bottleless dispensers, you will also save on costs and reduce your plastic use. 
  2. Use energy efficient products: Copiers can take up a lot of energy, but this is not how it has to be. Many office copiers have Energy Star certification, which ensures that the product is energy efficient while performing at optimal capacity. By using this type of copier, you are guaranteed not to compromise on cost or productivity, even during the heat of the summer.  
  3. Upgrade your phone system: Power outages are unfortunately common during the warmer months, which is why it is important that your business is prepared. By using a cloud-based phone system, your employees will be able to communicate, even during inclement weather, while consuming 40% less energy than other phone systems! Unified communications will also help your business save majorly on costs.  
  4. Know some best practices: 
    – Save and conserve your office’s energy by knowing to have your computer set to go into sleep mode when non-active and to always close out tabs such as games as they will take up energy even when paused. You can consider activating power management to save $10-100 per computer per year on electricity costs alone! 
    – From imaging equipment to data center storage, small network equipment and more, here are six ways to reduce IT energy costs. 
    – Maintain optimal temperatures for maximum reliability, availability and performance. Server rooms should be kept at 68-75 degrees Fahrenheit, and all equipment should be kept in an area that is cool and dry. 
    – You may also wish to install dehumidifiers, which will reduce the static electricity that may cause your copiers and computers to break down during the summer months. 

The heat of summer can make workdays less productive and more stressful. However, by following these tips, your office will stand the best chance at keeping cool.  

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